It's hard to believe, but the "Krasnodar" today 9 years.

It's hard to believe, but the "Krasnodar" today 9 years. Yes, only 9 years and one day ago, this team does not exist in nature. It seems that for a long time? Nifiga it not long ago. It's only 2008 minutes.

Marcello Lippi has already ripped all with the Italian team at the World Cup; already gone into the history of the last minutes of the professional career of Zinedine Zidane; "Liverul" Benitez twice played in the final of the Champions League with "Milan"; and even the Croatian team led the Russian team to a memorable Euro - and Sergei Galitsky team has ever had. That it was so long ago. 1487926292_zenit_lose.jpg I do not want to write about every conceivable achievements "Krasnodar" during this time - it seems to me it is a matter of meaningless - listing statistics and details. Everyone knows the most important thing, even if it is too general or global, "Krasnodar" during these 9 years became topom Russian football.

My favorite major. Why "Krasnodar" there is still no heyterov

This thing can be easily explained. Smart transfer policy (acquisition of Ari, Shirokov, Sigrudssona and Dikan - even chic); cool coaches - starting with Slavoljub Muslin; underrated, but I think the determining factor for the "Krasnodar", as for any of the attacking team - good striker (Movsisyan, Vanderson, the same Ari and resins postlopyrёvskoy era sacrificed a lot of words are); in general, the right marketing and the creation of a favorable image in the media (just look at how they celebrated their first ever "bronze" championship); joyful and warm atmosphere inside the club (the most significant moment - when Roman Shirokov, has signed a contract with "Spartacus", chose to finish the cure injured in "Krasnodar"); probably a couple more purely internal things that I do not know - the type of training system of the original teambuilding, funny holiday, food-based and so on. You can endlessly digging, but did not collect the full list - in any case, the direction of the arguments in favor of a top result for "Krasnodar" on the surface.

To me it is much more difficult to explain and intriguing seems another thing. This total adoration club Galitsky all around.

Look, I will explain what I mean.

"Krasnodar" - a club that would have a huge chance of hatred in any a top league in the world. What's to hide - a team, so that explains the rapid growth of large financial investments. Something else, of course, above, but we're adults, let's not pretend. This "Krasnodar" would be dead without money Galitsky. He would have had no school, which used to say with a gasp, as if she - poor, unfortunate - she is born, historically, crafting and without a penny. Would not it be stadium pictures you violently cast your huskies and drag himself to the wall. It would not be your favorite Polina, conqueror of Dortmund, he would never in this city for the idea, having exchanged their clothes for the budget Armani Russian spirit, did not go.

My favorite major. Why "Krasnodar" there is still no heyterov

Enough pretending. Let's put it bluntly: "Krasnodar" - a club-major. As the "Manchester City" Mansour as "Leipzig" Red Bull as "Zenith" Gazprom. Only here and "Etihad", and "Red Bull Arena" and "Peter" have acquired a huge army of haters bile and Galitsky's why some do not. It's amazing - taking into account, to put it mildly, a specific relationship to the rich in Russia (to burn your Bentley, critters). Our people hate the rich. Fans around the world are whistling in such clubs. A "Krasnodar" this deprived - here it is, the main paradox and the main mystery.

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